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good evening

first of all apologies, that this is written in english, but the forum has been a great help before.

I've got an issue with my Brixton BX125 (2019 model year), where the bike idles fine when cold and then sits around 4,000 RPM when warm and the revs seem to stick a little.

I've recently replaced a vacuum hose on the bike, which had a hole in it (the one that goes down and points to the floor.)

I just wanted to check if now the bike has too much vacuum which could be causing the high idle.

The two bits I wanted to check are:
1. The 3 way valve which takes vacuum from the air box, and engine. Is this a 1 way vavle? and which way should it be pointing? (It looks to have a different shape at one end than the other.)

2. The vacuum hose that faces the floor, has a bung of some sort in the end of it so isn't open ended and releasing pressure out this way. Is this correct?

Any help would be appreciated, and apologies if it has been covered on the forum already.

Kind regards

Thanks Mike, I did replace this (I have a batch of spare parts from the project), and got all excited as it seemed okay for a few minutes. And then went back to the normal issue. It throws up a throttle position sensor fault code sometimes (I've ridden for a about 25 miles with the issue as I was out and needed to get home - and it put the code on twice, which I cleared) I have also replaced the throttle position sensor which hasn't cured it either.

When I was doing the repairs before, I did have to raise the idle on the throttle body. So I'm now thinking that if the vacuum lines are correct - I might be able to lower the idle screw if the vacuum leak was an issue all along. But just wanted to check the lines were correct before stripping it down to access the screw to lower the idle.

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