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Dear friends of 125,

My topic might seem strange, but I assure you your help will be very much appreciated 😊
So, first about me... I'm new in the "moto" family, meaning I took my 125cc driving permit last year and drove only electric scooter until now.... (I'm 182cm and 100kg)

However, I have my eye for a while now, on a Brixton Sunray 125. I just like very much the look of this machine...
As I do not have any experience driving a manual gear motorcycle, I'm thinking that before buying it, is best to do a test drive, or even better a rental for 2-3 days of the bike, in order to see if this is something for me, or not.

I'm leaving in Vienna/Austria and I'm not speaking German, so I'm struggling to find a Dealer, or even a private individual, who would have the patience with me and let me test the bike.

As mention, I would very much appreciate any insights you might share with me

Thank You
Hi Vali,
welcome to the forums. I guess with "leaving in Vienna" you actually meant "living in Vienna"?

Since I'm living in northern Germany I cannot be much of help in regards to your request but maybe some of our Austrian friends here may help you.

For those not speaking English, a short translation:
(Sehr) kurze Übersetzung: Vali spricht kein Deutsch und sucht jemanden (HĂ€ndler oder privat) in/um Wien, der eine Probefahrt mit der Sunray erlaubt. Idealerweise zur Miete fĂŒr 2-3 Tage. Da er das Motorrad optisch sehr mag, wĂŒrde er gerne herausfinden, ob Schaltung (usw) etwas fĂŒr ihn sind. Bisher ist er nur E-Roller gefahren.

Anmerkung meinerseits: Da es meiner Meinung nach wenig sinnvoll ist, wenn sich hier ein Treffen mit jemanden ergĂ€be, der kein Englisch kann, werde ich nicht weiter ĂŒbersetzen - nicht böse gemeint :)
Hi Vali, in my opinion it will be possible to find a dealer in Austria who is able to speak english and let you do a test drive if you have the dricing licence .
Try to call an dealer and let him know your intend.
Sorry for the english, but iÂŽve tried my very best :)
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Hello Vali,

if you are not able to test ride the Sunray at a dealer in Vienna, try Brixton's HQ near Krems ('KSR Showroom').
The address is: Im Wirtschaftspark 15, 3494 Gedersdorf (Phone: +43 2735 80080)
It's not too far from Vienna.

Hi @Vali , nice to meet you in the Brixton-Forum

Doing a test drive before buying the motorcycle is definitly a good idea. Regarding the manual gearbox, not every Brixton driver in this forum has learned how to shift in driving school, but eventually everyone has mastered it by practice - don't worry too much about this, you will master it too 😊

I am from Vienna as well and I know a possibility to test drive and rent a Brixton Cromwell 125, but I don't know if it is possible to test drive the Sunray 125. Here is some information about the different dealers:

Brixton has listed 2 dealers in Vienna
Brixton Motorcycles | Dealers
  • Jelinek, 1120 Vienna - I gave them a call today and they don't have any Brixton Motorcycles for Test Drives at all
  • Hebart, 1200 Vienna - I don't know if they offer test drives and I was too late for calling them today
Then there is KSR Showroom in Krems an der Donau (~ 1h drive from Vienna), this is also the headquarters for KSR / Brixton. I gave them a call today as well and they only have the Brixton 125: Cromwell, Felsberg and XS for test drives, but no Sunray. The person from KSR I spoke to also could not tell me which dealers offer test drives at all.

Finally there is a motorcycle dealer in 1110 Vienn called ""
Gebrauchtes Motorrad kaufen & verkaufen |
Although not an official Brixton dealer, they also offer the Brixton 125: Cromwell, Felsberg, XS and Rayburn. I know that it is possible to test drive the Cromwell, but I don't know if they offer it for the Rayburn too.
Additionally they rent the Cromwell 125. Pricing: 49€ / day; 129€ / weekend; 249 € / week ("weekend" is Friday -> Monday or Monday -> Thursday)
For rent the Motorcycle is under fully comprehensive cover with 1 000 € excess

As "" is a relatively large dealer with many employees, I think you should get there along with speaking english only. Nevertheless, if you wish I might be able to accompany you.

I am still clueless how one could test drive a Brixton Sunray ...
Does someone else know if Hebart offers test drives?

Short version in german / Kurzversion in Deutsch:

Ich habe ihm zu einer Testfahrt geraten und zugesichert, dass das Schalten am Motorrad bis jetzt noch jeder gemeistert hat, auch ohne es in der Fahrschule gelernt zu haben.

Und dann ging's um die Möglichkeiten einer Testfahrt fĂŒr eine Brixton Sunray in/um Wien:
  • Jelinek: hab ich angerufen, bietet prinzipiell keine Brixton Testfahrten an
  • Hebart: habe ich heute telefonisch nicht mehr erreicht
  • KSR Showroom in Krems: haben nur Cromwell, Felsberg und XS zum Probefahren und keine Ahnung welche HĂ€ndler Probefahrten anbieten
  • "" im 11. Bezirk: haben eine Cromwell zum Testfahren oder zum Ausleihen. Im Sortiment gibt's auch eine Rayburn, ich weiß aber nicht ob die fĂŒr Probefahrten geht.
Frage an die anderen:
Weiß wer ob Hebart Probefahrten anbietet?
Hat noch irgendwer eine Idee, wie man zu einer Sunray Probefahrt in/um Wien kommt?
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You are welcome!

And btw: Yes, Hebart indeed offers test drives too.
I test rode a Royal Enfield 650 there.
But I'm pretty sure they won't have a Sunray either.

To be honest: The Cromwell & Sunray are very similar bikes. If you like the Cromwell, you will like the Sunray.

I was in the same boat: I wanted a Sunray and could only test drive a Cromwell.
I loved it, bought the Sunray and did not regret it.

I just tried to rech the dealers again by phone call and have some news to share:
  • Hebart, 1220 Vienna
    They didn't pick up for 2 Minutes and according to their website they have a summer break from 9. - 15. August 2021

  •, 1110 Vienna
    They confirmed that you can make a test drive with the Cromwell at any time without reservation and that renting is also possible (for the rent I would get a reservation in advance).
    Although they have ordered some Sunray's and Rayburn's, due to delivery delays they don't have any of these motorcycle on display now. They are expected within the next year.
I can recommend "" from my own experience, as I did a Cromwell testdrive there before buying my Cromwell.


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